September 27, 2002

Crap. Now everybody is sick. This royally blows.

September 26, 2002

Both kids are sick. Holy crap am I beat.

Its not bad for the 3 year old - actually it takes a bit of the wind out of his sails. And trust me, he's got a LOT of wind.

The real rough one is the 6-week old. Heather and I have never dealt with a baby that young with a head cold. Ian didn't get his first cold until he was almost 9 months old. Its kinda scarey. Emma makes noises that scare the crap out me. It sounds like she's choking. I hate it. We had her sleep in our room last night - in a bassinet. Amazingly enough, she slept pretty well. Though she did wake up a lot.

Heather is taking Emma to the doctor today - just to be on the safe side.

We're all hoping for the best and for the colds to work themselves through the kids' systems as quickly as possible.

September 25, 2002

Okay. Just watched it. Looks pretty good. Now I'm even more eager to watch the first one so I can be up to speed with the film adaptations.
Ooh. Downloading the trailer for LOTR: The Two Towers. Were about 55% way through. Very excited to see the trailer.

Haven't even seen Fellowship of the Ring yet (hey, seeing movies is difficult when you've got 2 kids under 4), but I'm excited about the second film. I re-reading the triology right now, and should be finishing The Two Towers shortly. (Just gotta stop falling asleep on the train while I'm reading.) I really love these books. Tolkien was just thorough in his work. The man's creative talent was amazing. I mean he created whole other languages and complete histories to use in his epic. It blows my mind.

Heather and I both are eager to rent Fellowship, and we'll probably do it in a few weeks here.

Download done. Gonna go watch.

September 24, 2002

This blogging thing is harder to keep up on then I thought.

I've updated some photos on my sorry little website: my website. Check out the Gallery to see shots of the kids.

Mmmmm. What else is new.

I'm starting to see my reading slipping. I'm so tired on the train in the morning and afternoon, that I'm falling asleep without doing any real reading. I'm only getting through about one or two pages - three tops.

The train was one of the sure times I had to myself to read and listen to music. But if I'm going to keep falling asleep - where will I get that enjoyment?

I gotta stay awake. I just gotta! ;-)

Read Warren Ellis' JLA/Planetary team-up. It was interesting, but came off a bit flat. Its like Ellis worked so hard to get all his ideas, scenes and concepts into the single comic that the overall story just sat there doing nothing - and doing it quickly. He threw a lot of interesting things at the wall, but never took the time to develop them out. Then, before you knew it, the story was over.

I guess I'm wondering why the comic was a single issue. Couldn't it have been a 2-parter? If Ellis knew it was only go to be one issue, shouldn't he have toned things down a bit?

I'm actually really digging the JLA multi-part story, Age of Obsidian. Big action movie stuff. Perfect for the JLA.

September 06, 2002

I have no time to myself any more.

When I'm at work, my entire day is dominated by a bunch of people who take this work way to seriously. They're all frantic and shit. Jumping around and screaming because of this problem or that problem.

When I'm at home, my time is given over entirely to my wife and two kids. The new baby has the whole house turned upside-down. People are tired. Siblings feel neglected. Housework is falling behind. It drives me crazy.

I'm going straight from 5am until 11 or 12 at night. My only moments of peace are during the 40 minute train rides in and out of the city. And then I'm packed in a car with a bunch of smelly, cell-phone jabbering, headphone-too-loud-listening dingle-butts. Fantastic.

I can understand while some guys just packup and move out.

Not that I'm thinking of doing it. I'm just understanding their motivation.

Hate the job right now. Hate some of the people I work with. Though, I really think its some sort of weird male postpartum depression. I remember feeling this way at work when out first child was born. Ended up quiting that job. Of course, I hated that job long before the first baby was born. This work-depression probably just cemented my resolve to find a new job.