November 27, 2002

Yahoo! News - Doctor Who Claims He Treats Elvis Under Investigation

Could the return of the King be imminent? Dr. Donald Hinton claims to have treated Elvis over the past few years, and he claimed that the King would make his triumphant return to the public spotlight this year. Now Dr. Hinton is under investigation by the Missouri Board of Healing Arts (rather mystic sounding, no?) for prescribing excessive amounts of hydrocodone over a three-year period.

Hydrocodone is a narcotic and a pain killer.

The prescriptions were all written out for a mysterious L. S. of North Carolina.

Now Dr. Hinton is not talking about who L. S. is and he's stopped talking about Elvis' return as well.

So the other day, out of the blue, Ian turns to Heather and asks, "Mommy, how do you get into Heaven?"

The kid just never stops amazing me.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I think we're all set. Going to Grandma Van's house. Most of my family on Mom's side will be there - down from Minnesota. Looks to be a good time - though a bit cramped. Grandma's condo is large, but not that large. Looking forward to watching the Macy's parade with Ian on Thursday.


Shit, I don't want to be at work. Want to be at home, doing stuff there. Doesn't even matter if its recreation or chores - I'd just rather being at home than in this office.

November 26, 2002

Yahoo! News - Cannon Shell Turned Table Leg Hurts Eight

There's a whole mess of good articles today.

My concern: Did the poor family still get to eat their grilled pork fat?
Yahoo! News - World Photos - Reuters

Take a look at this picture. A lethal neck bite!?! My goodness, who would have thunk it.
Yahoo! News - Heidi Klum's Marriage Kaput

If I had waited, now would be my chance. Hmmmmmmmm. Heidi Klum. Sie ist schöne Frauen

November 22, 2002 - Dozens killed in Miss World riots - Nov. 22, 2002

This is so ridiculous. More proof that religion will ultimately destroy the world. Rational people who are capable of original thoughts and opinions don't march through a city killing people sitting in their cars or standing on the side of the street all the name of God.

November 21, 2002

In order to satisfy Rick in Cleveland, I will endeavor to add to this blog more regularly.

Don't have a whole lot to say right now. Sorry Rick.

Work is sucky - just no motivation. Fighting with the Tech Development because they apparently don't know how to effectively budget and schedule their time.

Emma rolled over this week. She's only 3 months old. Really amazing. I think she'll be walking by Christmas - seriously.

Ian and I are getting into the habit of going to the comic book store together. Its really a lot of fun. He gets so excited. Just wanders around the store staring at everything - asking me questions - flipping through comics. He's got a quite little way of asking me whether the comics he sees are for "kids" or "adults." I've explained to him that some of the comics are geared for adults in an attempt to steer him away from looking at the books that have larger amounts of violence, mature content, or books I just don't think a 3-year old should be looking at. He wants to make sure he's looking at the comic for "kids." Its funny and sweet at the same time. Then we talk about everything he saw at the store on the way home. Nice little father-son time for me.

Everyone at the McKillip Homestead is getting geared up for Christmas. Ian asks every other night at dinner whether this meal is "Thanksgiving," knowing that Christmas comes after Christmas. Heather is smoking up the iMac ripping Christmas albums to make here own Christmas CD mixes. She plans to burn a few extras as gifts this season. Me - I'm just dusting off my collection Rankin-Bass Holiday videos and Christmas movies. Its going to be a good Christmas.

November 19, 2002

Finished "You Shall Know Our Velocity" by David Eggers last week. It was quite enjoyable, though not at the same level as Eggers first book, "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius." Still, the book entertained while still having some profound, moving moments. Absolutely love Eggers voice in his writing. That alone makes his writing so enjoyable to read. He's prose isn't necessarily lyrical or moving. There is just a uniqueness in voice that I've never encountered before.

I'd recommend AHWOSG over YSKOV, but either work is fasinating and ultimately entertaining.

I've started reading James Ellroy's "American Tabloid" and am its off to a great start. Its historical crime fiction - as it were. A secret history of the real men who shaped the late 50s and early 60s. 40 pages in we've already had Bobby and John Kennedy, Jimmy Hoffa, Howard hughs and J. Edgar Hoover all doing things you never heard about in history class. Can't wait to really get into this book.

The Chicago Bears suck. What a disappointment.

Herobear and the Kid doesn't however. Issue #5 in the enjoyable series finally came out last week. Thus concluding the first story arc. Only took about two and half years, but Mike Kunkel finally did it. Its turns out to be a real sweet story. Kunkel effectively conjures memories of being a little kid and the potential for real mysteries and magic in a innocent mind. I love it. Check out the site. The Astonish Factory

November 13, 2002

With Ms. Ryder so much in the news lately, I was reminded of something.

She really is quite a pretty woman. Love those big brown eyes.

Click and take a look >>

November 08, 2002

Yahoo! News - Gun-Toting Grandad Gets His Terrorist Squirrel

I've been following this story for the last few days. Just knew that it would come to this. Vigilant justice.

Our hero's reflection on his actions, "a shame he went nuts, but I couldn't let this little beggar hold the town to ransom."

Amen brother.
Yahoo! News - Court Tells Bavaria to Allow Wife-Swapping

I knew there was a reason I took German in high school and wanted to move to Germany. Now I just have to convince Heather that a relocation to Bavaria is me helping her get back to her German roots.

November 07, 2002

So yesterday was the birthday. Today is my first full day as a 30-year old.


Obviously nothing changed. I don't feel any different. Didn't even move into a new demographic. Most groupings are 25 - 34, or something like that. Nobody breaks things directly at 30.

Had a nice birthday though. Slept in late. Went into work late. Had lunch with my sister (she got me the new Nirvana greatest hits album - like it alot). Left work early.

We got stuffed pizza for dinner and Heather made me a yellow cake with chocolate frosting (my favorite). Ian could hardly contain his anticipation for the cake. (Okay, he couldn't contain his anticipation. But he's only 3. Things like that are difficult at times.)

Heather, Ian and Emma got me a Dickens' Village house as gift. Its the Scrooge and Marley office. (I'm partial to the Dickens' Village houses from the Christmas Carol) Quite nice. It even has a small version of Scrooge inside of the building that you can see when the building is lit. Apparently putting little scenes inside of the houses is something new for Deparmtent 56. It looks pretty neat. Can't wait to add it to the collection this Christmas. We're going to have quite a display.

Dad got me a biography of Benjamin Franklin that was recently published. I read about the book a few months ago in the Chicago Tribune book section. The biography sounds fasinating, just like the subject. Looking forward to reading this book. Dad also got me the new Nirvana album. Unfortunately he bought it from and I received it after I had already opened and listened to the one from my sister. Gonna send it back. But get this, learned that because I'm not returning the item to Amazon becuase of a defect, Amazon will deduct the cost of shipment from the store credit they are going to offer me. Sounds like a bum deal to me.

We used the new digital camera to snap some shots, but I didn't have time last night to transfer them to the computer and get them online. Hope to give that a try soon.

November 06, 2002

Yahoo! News - Too Much Screen Time Can Make Computer Users Sick

More news to make me feel good about my chosen profession. I know I should have just stayed and worked with the Park District after I got out of college.
There's this dude I see on the train sometimes in the morning. (Either he takes an earlier train or I take a later train.) He's got to be one of the rudest people I've met. But nobody's gonna say anything to him because he's in a wheelchair.

But you should see this guy in the train station and then out on the street. He purposedly rolls out in front of people. He refuses to move with the foot-traffic, forcing his way through the crowd by bumping into people's feet. He definantly rolls out into on-coming foot-traffic and makes these people either stop until he has passed or weave out into the street so they can get out of his way.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. Can't stand the guy. But who's gonna tell off a guy in a wheelchair?

November 05, 2002

Bought a digital camera last night. Its a Christmas gift from Heather's parents. Actually, they said, "We were going to spend $300 on the two of you for Christmas. We can just get you stuff, or if there was something in particular that you wanted. Something big - you could just go get it."

We debated over a digital camera and a DVD/Home Theater system. Both, we thought, would make for great 'family' Christmas gifts (though with the home theater we would be ponying up some of our own cash to cover the difference.). Ultimately we decided on the camera for this year, figuring we might exercise our gift option again next year and get the Home Theater. We're not watching a whole lot of movies with a new born and Ian couldn't care less about the quality of his videos. Along as they play he's happy. The camera we can use immediately.

So Ian and I went out to Best Buy to pick up the Kodak EasyShare DX4330 Monday night. I spent a number of weeks learning about digital cameras; the dfferent features, different configurations, image quality, print quality, everything. And I slammed that up against what we wanted to pay (around $300, though Heather and I were willing to go up $50-75 of our own cash if the situation was right) and how we were going to use the camera.

The Kodak DX4330 came out as the perfect fit. It was priced at $350, but then went on sale this week at Best Buy. $299, plus free 32MB of memory, and if we use our Best Buy card (which we did) - no interest for 18 months. The camera has a modest (3.1) pixel resolution and (10x) optical zoom, comes with 16MB internal and some nice photo options (wide angel, sports, night-time). Its essentially a mid-range camera. Not a cheap entry level, but not a professional-grade product. It all worked out rather nicely. Don't you think?

Didn't get to play with it much last night. I was feeling a little ill and had a lot of work to do. Looking forward to getting started with it tonight or tomorrow.

November 04, 2002

Halloween went well. Ian really got into it. I think he had a lot of fun. He and I went to about 10 houses and the boy cleaned up. PLENTY of candy for a 3-year old (I'm sure Mommy and Daddy might be 'helping' him eat it all over the next few weeks.).

Favorite line from Halloween night: While walking down the driveway after receiving a treat, "Fruit Snacks! You don't give fruit snacks on Halloween!"

Ah, youth.

Irish lost on Saturday. They desrved to. They played horribly. As much as i was looking forward to them making a run at the National Championship, its also nice to have the pressure off. Every week I'd get all worked up. They gotta win, they gotta win. Now they've lost one, they can roll through the rest of the season and end up in a good Jan. 1 bowl game. Making for an enjoyable News Year's Day for me.

Lets face it We all knew there was some luck in all the victories. Norte Dame is good, very good - don't get me wrong. But their offense never grabbed me as National Champion caliber. Sure Grant and Battle have been outstanding as of late, the line is strong and Holliday can be brillant at QB - but the over-all offense package never seemed to be there. Ultimately they were winning with defense and special teams.

Bears lost again. The game wasn't the blowout I was expecting. Not sure if that's because the Bear D was playing like it used to or if Philly was playing down to the level of the Bears - ultimately doesn't matter, Bears were losers once again. At least Anthony Thomas should signs of life. Running fairly well despite a banged up and inexperienced offensive line. We'll see how the rest of the season goes.

2 days til the 30th birthday. Not sure how to take that.