June 30, 2010

Wonder Woman Starts Wearing Hand-me-downs

Wonder Woman #600 hit comic book stands today.

Leading up to today, the big news about this milestone issue was the fact that a comic starring a woman had been continuously published for 50 years.

What nobody seemed to know was that DC was using this anniversary issue to give the character a make-over.

How boring.

The redesign was handled by one of my favorites, artist Jim Lee; but I can't excuse what he's done here.

The worst part is how unoriginal the new threads are.

Swap out the black leggings for fishnets, and this version of Wonder Woman starts looking eeriliy like another DC female superhero - Black Canary - who debuted with this look in 1947.

Ironically, according to DC Comics, the new Wonder Woman look is supposed to be a redesigned look for the modern era.

Wonder Woman has been subject to the redesign before, but never one so unoriginal.

Ultimately I don't think it will last. The other wardrobe updates have come and gone, and eventually she returns to her original outfit. It's too iconic to ignore for too long.

June 26, 2010


I think the main reason I want to see this film is to see Helen Mirren kicking ass

June 25, 2010

Reaction to Landon Donovan's Game-Winning Goal

I really enjoyed watching this

June 23, 2010

My iPad Is Now the Perfect Device

DC Comics launched their own iPad/iPhone comics application this morning.

The app was built by comiXology, whose own app I already have on my iPad. I've used comiXology a bit to this point. They have had some interesting independent and smaller publisher comics that I really enjoyed.

Now that DC Comics is fully on board with digital distribution of (some of ) their comics, I can see myself using the comiXology service a lot more in the future.

June 16, 2010

WGN Suffers Continent Fail

I know there are a lot of people in America still unfamiliar with soccer, but I would think that we could at least get the continent right.

Poor WGN

5 Things I Think

  1. I think this guy makes a valid point. Comic Book movies should stop ignoring the great logos that the books found their popularity with.

    Sure, these logos might not fall in line with the popular styles for movie title design currently, but the comic book title logos usually do a fantastic job of creating a sense of the character. That is something most modern movie titles fail to achieve.

  2. When did gas stations become the go-to place for buying mulch?

    I know gas stations have been selling mulch for years, but why? Who thinks gas stations when wondering were to find gardening materials?

  3. It looks like Warner Brothers might finally be getting serious about taking more of DC's heroes to the silver screen.

    "Warners hires writers for 'Green Lantern 2' and 'Flash'"

    Sure, the studio will come up with horrible movie title designs, but maybe the movies will still be good

  4. Inappropriate Golden Books is just fantastic.

    Take scenes from great movies and envision how they might look draw in the "Lil'
    Golden Book" style of art.


  5. iPads: so cool even dolphins are using them

June 14, 2010

Movie and Music

This past weekend we watched Tim Burton's version of Alice In Wonderland.

I enjoyed the film, though being an overall fan of Burton's movies I think I was predisposed to liking the movie. It was classic Burton. Visually a feast for the eyes and packed to the gills with a collection of the oddest and quirkiest characters you will ever find. The plot had a tendency to wander a bit at times, but this was forgivable in light of the overall entertainment value of the movie. Alice in Wonderland was great fun.

Burton was joined by many of his usual collaborators, both in front of and behind the camera. I haven't bothered to do the proper research, but I'm inclined to believe that Burton won't make a film without Danny Elfman handling the score. And such was the case with Alice In Wonderland. Elfman scored the film beautifully.

Now over the years I have also become a fan of Elfman's scoring work for films (with or without Burton). So much so that I own a few recordings; including a collection of his movie scores, "Music for a Darkened Theater volume 2". It's to a point that I can usually recognize an Elfman score after hearing just a few bars, and I'm familiar with a lot of the music that he has created for other movies (even ones I haven't seen).

I've always considered Elfman a creative individual, not unlike Burton. Someone who may stick to exploring similar themes or concepts, but always brings a fresh perspective on whatever project he is tackling.

So I was a little surprised Saturday night while watching Alice in Wonderland when I heard a few bars of music that were - at least to my ears - eerily similar to a theme used in Burton's Batman films.

Was Elfman copying himself?

If it had happened only once, I would have chalked it up to coincidence, but then it started happening again. In part of theme that seemed to crop up a lot when dealing with the conflict between the White Queen and the Red Queen, there was a melody that sounded a whole lot like part of the music from Elfman's score for Black Beauty.

Danny Elfman has worked on a lot of films over the last 20 years, so I guess it is understandable that some melodies might get re-worked - intentionally or otherwise.

Still, I don't know what surprised me more. That Elfman might reuse some themes in other films or that I recognized the music with everything else that was going on in Alice In Wonderland.

June 13, 2010

Kid Quote of the Week

Zoe (in the bathroom): I can see my dangling thingy

- Zoe, talking about being able to see her Uvula at the back of her throat (which even now sounds sorta weird)

June 11, 2010

This is Why Big Brothers Can't Stand Little Sisters

Yesterday was Heather and my 15th wedding anniversary.

Heather posted a nice little quote on Facebook about being with someone you love, and then commented that today was our 15th wedding anniversary.

As is typical, underneath her post are all sorts of comments from her Facebook friends.

The comments are almost all well wishes and congratulations on being married for 15 years.

I say "almost" because nestled in amongst all the happy, positive comments is this response.

Thanks for love, sis.

June 10, 2010

Blackhawks - Stanley Cup Champs

(Had to make sure the wedding anniversary post made it up before the Blackhawks one did)

I don't recall every being so anxious or nervous watching a sporting event as I was last night during the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup clinching game.

From the onset the Blackhawks came out with more fire and intensity than the Flyers. It seemed like the entire first period was played in the Flyers' zone. What was most remarkable was that the period ended in a 1-1 tie. The Blackhawks had out-played and out-shot the Flyers, but the score board didn't reflect that.

According to Ian I was freaking him out with all my shouting at missed shots and mis-handled passes. I really felt like the Hawks should have been up 3-1 at the end of the period.

It was this lack of domination on the score board which first drove the nerves to set in.

None the less, the end of the second period left me feeling better. The Hawks were up 3-2 and the Flyers were looking flat.

20 minutes from Stanley Cup time. I started to let myself believe.

However, as the minutes in the third period clicked away, the pit in my stomach kept growing larger and larger as my Chicago Sports Fan genes kicked in.

Would they hold on to win?

It's only 8 minutes to go. Philly is bringing the pressure. They are not giving up.

I'd feel more comfortable if the Hawks would score once more. If we get to the 2 minute mark and it's still a one goal game, Philly is gonna pull their goalie and insert another attacker on offense. Not sure if the Blackhawks can withstand a man advantage push from a team fighting for survival.

My Dad texts my one of his famous "5 minutes" messages.

My brother texts me a "Hey, this is when Dad would text you 'OMG 4 minutes!' message".

I take my eyes away from the game to respond to my brother's message (I ignored my Dad's)

Philly scores. The game is tied.

Heather playfully hits me and scolds, "If you weren't texting your brother, Chicago would still be leading!"

The pit in my stomach spreads up into my chest.

Are they going to lose? Is it all going to come down to a Game 7?

No, it's going to overtime, which doesn't do my nerves any good. Especially consider how OT went in Game 3.

The Chicago is pressing. Kane has the puck on the wing. He drives and shots.

Where is the puck? Why are the Blackhawks celebrating?


It was an incredibly surreal, and somewhat emotionally elusive, end to the game. We didn't realize that the Hawks had won until probably a minute after Kane's shot had landed in the back of the net. But in the end, that is exactly what he did.

It was thrilling to see them celebrate and for Toews to hoist the Cup up high over his head. Over the last two years I have watched a lot of Blackhawk hockey (thank you, Rocky), and it was satisfying to see that time spent supporting and enjoying the Blackhawks play paid off with a championship.

Is it too soon to talk about a repeat?

15 Years

As of today, Heather and I have now been married 15 years.

5 years felt quaint. It was the first "devisable by five" anniversary that you usually pay attention to. We only had one kid and had just moved to Chicago from Cleveland a few months earlier. I felt like we were still new to the whole marriage thing as was almost surprised that it had already been 5 years.

Between anniversary #5 and #10 a lot happened. Two more kids and a new job for me, to name just the big ticket items. Even though we played our tenth anniversary low key because I was between jobs, it also felt like we were now officially a real married couple. We had made it a decade. We had bought houses. Moved around. Had kids. Dealt with big life problems (our own and others). And through it all Heather and I were still doing well.

10 years felt like a badge. A mark of achievement that not only were we married, but that apparently we might be kinda good at it too.

Now it has been 15 years.

I am finally starting to feel like a veteran at marriage. We are no longer making as much up as we go along anymore. We have figured some things out. We have really learned what makes each other tick. What each of us looking for in life.

At 15 years, it means I have known Heather for almost half my life. Lived with her nearly as long. That is pretty remarkable.

If being married 10 years made me think that Heather and I had gotten kinda good at being married, 15 years makes me think that I have found some pretty special in a wife and friend.

June 09, 2010

Stanley Cup Finals - Game 6

This is it. Only one more game to go. Play 60 minutes of hockey like you did in the first period of Game 5 and the Stanley Cup is yours.

While Dale Tallon may be responsible for bringing most of the talent that is on the ice for Chicago tonight, there is another man who I think should be credited for making being a Blackhawks fan fun and exciting again - Rocky Wirtz.

Let win Game 6 - and the Stanley Cup - for Rocky!

June 08, 2010

5 Things I Think

  1. I think I enjoyed the movie Zombieland more than I expected. Funny and quirky. Loved the guest appearance by Bill Murray

  2. The worst part about the length of NHL regular season and post-season? When your team makes it to the Stanley Cup finals, it's too hot to wear hockey jerseys.

    I've got two great Blackhawks jerseys but I know sweat too much if I wore then during games.

    It's kinda not fair.

  3. Surprising as it may sound, originally I wasn't too interested in the upcoming milestone issue of the Batman comic. But as it gets closer, and DC's blog starts previewing parts of Batman #700 I am starting to think that I have to pick up this book. Even if I haven't bought the regular Batman comic in years.

  4. If you plan on following any of the 2010 World Cup, then you need to check out this calendar.


  5. I consider myself a pretty efficient suitcase packer.

    This woman is my new hero.

June 07, 2010

Love the Hawks

I have been a fan of the Blackhawks since the early 1990s when Chris Chelios and Ed Belfour led the team and have been closely following them for the last three seasons since Kane and Toews joined the team, so I don't consider myself a band-wagoner, but I can't help but love this funny - and honest - tribute to the 2009-10 Chicago Blackhawks


June 06, 2010

Stanley Cup Finals - Game 5

The Blackhawks just didn't play well in Game 4. It was a frustrating and difficult game to watch. I really believed that they would have taken at least one of the two games in Philly, but that was not to be.

So here's to being back at home and getting back to their winning ways.

Let's win Game 5 for Tommy Hawk and put Chicago one game away from raising the Cup.

Kid Quote of the Week

"Your hair is like an old movie"
- Emma. I was hoping that she meant dashing like Clark Gable, but she meant black and white like the films on Turner Classic Movies that I am always watching.

June 04, 2010

Stanley Cup Finals - Game 4

The results in Game 3 weren't what I was hoping for, but now it does provide the Blackhawks the opportunity to win the series in Chicago.

Tonight let's win Game 4 for the Blackhawk hockey legend.

June 03, 2010

Celebrate the Love

Ian, Zoe and I were watching the end of Return of the Jedi last weekend (it was on TV).

Zoe was glad to see that Luke's Dad turned nice and saved his son.

Ian wanted to see what Darth Vader would look like when Luke took off his helmet and how George Lucas retro-edited the last scene in the film to include an image of Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker.

So we hung around to the end.

It had been awhile since I had seen the ending of the "new" version of Return of the Jedi and I had sort of forgotten that when Lucas came back and tinkered with the movie that he removed the old Ewok Celebration Song.

Ian was interested in my little bit of trivia and he asked me if I had a copy of the movie with the song in it. While I do have a copy (on VHS no less), I think I will first direct him to this trippy karaoke version before I fire up our old VCR.

Ewok Karaoke from Rob Tyler on Vimeo.

She Loves Decorating for Christmas; So This is Perfect!

There's only one week left to Heather and my 15th wedding anniversary.

My last two ideas didn't work out, and with only a week to go I'm starting to get a little frantic for a good idea.

But I've got two ideas now, and I'm confident one of them will prove to be that perfect item that embodies "I'm so glad we've been married 15 years. I love you!"

The Christmas Vacation Moose Mug


The 75 Years of DC Comics Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

Heather loves Christmas stuff. Which ever item I pick is gonna be a slam dunk.

June 02, 2010

Stanley Cup Finals - Game 3

Chicago is up 2 games to none. Normally I would expect a combination of some sloppy play stemming from over-confidence from the team with the lead and some inspired play from the team finally playing on their home ice to translate into a Flyers win in Game 3, but this is the Blackhawks we're talking about. They have played remarkably well on the road throughout the playoffs.

So I'm kinda expecting a victory from Chicago

Let's win this game for the Blackhawks fans. We might not be in Philly, but we will be watching.

June 01, 2010

5 Things I Think

  1. This opinion piece from the New York Times is the most succinct essay I've read arguing the inherent failures trying to apply an iPod mentality to the distribution of books.

    As much as you might think books are music are the same, people respond and interactive with these two different types of media very differently.

  2. Roger Ebert hates 3-D and so do I.

  3. I've now stabbed myself twice in the left hand with a steak knife.

    Once when I was 11. Once when I was 37.

    Maybe I'm not as smart as I think I am?

  4. Incredibly detailed and well-researched article on Kryptonian fashion through-out the years.

    Yes, that Krypton - the one Superman is from.

    The fact that someone can write an article as long as Alan Kistler did on Kryptonian fashion is testament to world building that goes on at DC Comics.

  5. I've recently learned that at least when the Blackhawks are playing for the Stanley Cup, my Dad texts like a 14-year-old girl.

    All my phone does for the last 5 minutes of Hawks' game is buzz with the announcements of newly received text messages from my giddy father.

    "OMG, 23 seconds left!"

    "This is crazy"

    "HAWKS WIN!"