September 29, 2010

Batman, Pulp Detective

Artist Ted Naifeh has shown plenty of times that one of his favorite things to do with his free time is sketch Batman and Batman's supporting characters/villains. He's had a whole section on his site just for his Batman-related drawings.

Now Naifeh has taken a few recent sketches and worked them into full blown - albeit mock - covers.

Of the ones he has posted, this on for Detective Comics is my favorite.

Not only do I love the composition and coloring on this pieces, I really enjoyed Naifeh's choice in handling the title. He captures that old 1940's pulp detective fiction magazine vibe - like The Shadow or The Spider - which Batman sprung from.

It makes for a fantastic piece of art.

September 15, 2010

Star Wars LEGO Chess Set

I've never been much of a chess player (to the chagrin of my father), but that wouldn't stop me from picking up this uncontrollably awesome LEGO chess set based on characters/settings from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

See more pictures

September 13, 2010

Getting Some Booty

Sometimes it only takes 2 panels for the Pastis to make a great pun.

09-13-2010 Pearls Before Swine

September 07, 2010

The Professor Fails

Shortly after Ruby came to live with us, Heather dubbed her "Professor Ruby von Sniffypants" for the insistent way she intently kept her nose to the ground during walks.

It certainly did feel like Ruby was bound and determined to smell every last inch of ground between our house and . .  well, everywhere else. You could walk her for 30 minutes and not once see her face. All you would see is the tops of her forward flapping ears. She sniffs everything - constantly. And with her frequent starts/stops and changes of direction, I assumed she was collecting all sorts of valuable information on the comings and goings of everyone in our neighborhood.

However, now I am starting to think her sniffer might be defective.

Ruby and I were taking the late evening walk - around 9pm - and as always she had her nose centimeters from the sidewalk. Every once and a while she will pick up a stray scrap of paper or cup that we find along the way, so I was watching her closely to make sure she left the garbage on the ground.

Up ahead on the ground I saw what I thought was a large stone, so I paid close attention as Ruby's nose came up close to it (she will pick up and try to eat stones every once and awhile).

Her nose barely brushed up against the object and she moved on.

As I got closer to the little gray mound on the sidewalk I realized it wasn't a stone. It was a small toad. Just sitting there taking in the night air.

Ruby hadn't flinched a muscle.

Makes me wonder what all this sniffing is for.

September 02, 2010

Wookie the Chew

These are just too wonderful not to post about