February 06, 2011

Getting Super Bowl Ready

It's a mixed bag for me this year on the Super Bowl.

The Bears almost made it, losing to the Packers in the NFC Championship game.

Usually I would pull for the NFC team in the Super Bowl - I tend to like more NFC teams as it is, but it is the Pack and they did deny the Bears a trip to the big game.

Plus, I've always liked the Steelers. Even if I don't care much for Roethlisberger the Person, I think Roethlisberger the Quarterback is fantastic, and overall the Steelers an organization that I wish the Bears would emulate more.

But then I have really been impressed with Aaron Rodgers since he took over in Green Bay. One, for how he has handled the pressure of replacing Brett Favre. Two, for how he has played on the field.

So as game time approaches I really don't find myself with an allegiance to one team or another.

Maybe I can re-frame how I view the how Super Bowl even and enjoy it like Pig from Pearls Before Swine does.

Pearls Before Swine