November 30, 2011

Great Viewing in December on TCM

Earlier this week I took some time to see what Turner Classic Movies has on tap for December and was very pleased at what I found.

First, once again they have a great collection of holiday movies lined up. Besides the popular standards that I always try and make a point to view, like The Bishop's Wife, Christmas in Connecticut, and The Shop Around the Corner; TCM is also premiering the 1951 Bob Hope vehicle, The Lemon Drop Kid.

I might have seen The Lemon Drop kids many, many years ago. Its hard to remember exactly. But I do know that the film was the first time anyone heard the Christmas song "Silver Bells". The Lemon Drop kid will be airing on Tuesday, December 13th at 7pm (CST). I plan on watching.

In addition to all of the great Christmas movies, TCM's star of the month is the great William Powell.

Powell made me a fan with his debonair portrayal of Nick Charles in The Thin Man series of films. I learned to appreciate all of his skills as an actor as I discovered him in other great movies like My Man Godfrey and Mister Roberts. I am eager to explore ever more of his catalog of work every Thursday evening in December.

Finally, the most exciting programing news I stumbled upon when reviewing the month's lineup of films is that TCM is finally airing The Seven Little Foys on 12/4 at 7pm (CST).

This film, starring Bob Hope as Eddie Foy the head of the famous Foy vaudevillian family, has been on "must see" list ever since my Aunt Kathy pointed me to a clip from the film on YouTube. The three-minute clip is of Eddie Foy (Hope) having a dance-off of sorts with his rival George M. Cohan (James Cagney reprising the role of Cohan he made famous in Yankee Doodle Dandy).

The scene is absolutely remarkable. A testament to why I love the films and entertainers of the 1940s and 1950s so much. There is no way I miss the airing of this film.

In fact, there is a ton of great films I hope to be able to make time to watch in December. Figure I should just set one our our TV's to TCM and leave it there for the next 30 days.

November 18, 2011

I like Milk Shakes, Too

While I appreciate and enjoy a good alcoholic libation, I can't help but agree with Grandpa's argument.

November 16, 2011

AAYYY . . . It's Time Travelin' Time

Over at the Aquaman Shrine they've posted a print ad from 1981 touting the exciting Saturday morning lineup on ABC.

Obviously, the Shrine expresses its dismay that Aquaman gets left out of the Superfriends promo. I, however, found this ad interesting for an entirely different reason.

Apparently the Happy Days Gang was a new animated show. The premise (as far as I can tell from the ad): the Fonz, some other characters from the show, and a dog travel through time having wacky adventures.

Not sure where the Happy Days Gang sits within the larger timeline of the Happy Days show, but I have to think if the Fonz hadn't jumped his motorcycle over a shark then this animated show could have taken care of that pop-cultural milestone for them

November 09, 2011

Missing Jokes and Reality Defying Rooftops

I have a subscription to Go Comics that delivers me an email every morning with most of my favorite comic strips. Dick Tracy, Pearls Before Swine, Cul de Sac, Big Nate, Monty, Frazz, and Tom the Dancing Bug.

I also throw other comics on the there and let them run for a few months. Usually I end up swapping them out for other strips. One of the titles operating in this probationary period within my email is Daddy's Home by Tony Rubino and Gary Markstei.

The strip is a standard suburban life sort of strip. Can't tell if the family all honestly hates each other or whether Rubino and Markstei are trying for dark humor but maybe don't really understand what dark humor really is supposed to be.

Anyway, Daddy's Home has come close to being chopped from my subscription many times, but then have found a stay of execution with a small run of amusing strips. However, I think Daddy's Home may not be receiving a call from the governor after the strips that have been published this week.

This is what ran on Tuesday.

First, let's consider the joke.

Actually, I don't think we need to. I can't seem to figure out if there is a joke here or not.

Is the joke that the guy with the goatee has no short-term memory? Is it supposed to be funny that he calls a guy who bought a robot to clean his gutters a "pencil-necked geek"? Maybe there is hidden joke in that red-coat guy says "gutter-cleaning robot", to which goatee guy responds "pencil-necked geek". Both are two word phases, in which the first word is hyphenated and serves as an adjective to the second word noun. Is it a witty vocabulary joke that I am missing.

Wait, I know. The joke is that red-coat guy's roof floats majestically in the air over some sort of brown wall/table structure where these two gentlemen enjoy sitting, drinking steaming cups of liquid, and exchanging particularly biting hyphenated two-worded insults at each other.

Yes, I'm sure some of the horribleness of this comic can be blamed on the colorist who chose to color the whole background blue. But in the colorist defense, the artist (who I presume here is Gary Markstei) didn't bother to give any visual frame of reference of where this roof is coming from.

Where's the siding or bricks on the side of the house? Maybe you could have thrown in a window or a door. Anything to not make this scene look something that might actually occur in real life.

It's a little amazing that the art is as bad as it is.

What's worse is that the same poor rendering is used again today.

In fact, the artist turns the roof of red-coat guy into what can only be understood as the limb of a tree - if you consider where the men are standing and how the are looking up at the failing gutter-cleaning robot.

Time for Daddy's Home to go home and bother me no more.

Superhero Posters

These are bloody awesome.

November 08, 2011

Just As Long As You Win, I Guess You Can Wear What You Want

While watching Notre Dame's disappointing loss to USC a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the players' helmets seemed shinier. Brighter. Almost sparkly.

I thought the change in appear might be because of the types of lights used at Notre Dame Stadium, where the game was being played. However, in the ensuing weeks I've noticed that the helmets continue to look sparklier than I remember from seasons past.

Well, despite being a Notre Dame football fan apparently I missed the announcement back in October that the Fighting Irish would be debuting new helmets at the USC game. Head Coach Brian Kelly wanted helmets that more closely represented the Golden Dome, and after some trial and error they arrived at something that looks pretty close.

I think the new helmet look great. They certainly do a much better job of representing the Golden Dome. Plus, the vivid gold and shiny gloss make the helmets standout better against some of the other teams that Notre Dame plays that have similarly colored helmets, like Navy, Army, and Boston College.

Now today I learn that in this Saturday's Shamrock Series game against Maryland, the Fighting Irish will be sporting a special variant helmet.

Who-ha. Don't know if I'm digging that.

I know there was a time when the Fighting Irish did have a shamrock on their helmet, but that was long ago. Not something we necessarily need to be dredging up from the past.

I can only assume that Coach Kelly and the rest of ND doesn't just want to beat the Terrapins at football, but they want to try and beat Maryland at having the ugliest uniforms as well. Because not only will the players be outfitted in the special shamrock headgear, but they will be decked out in bright green jerseys and gold pants.


As ugly as the Irish's uniforms might end up looking, I'm confident Maryland and their Garanimals on steroids combo-uniforms will still be the most hideous thing on the field.

I just want the Irish's play on the field to not be as hideous as the Terrapins clothing.